They keep adding new laws all the time...

Does anyone think it's getting a little hard to keep track?

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The Car Problem

Honestly, though, I see cars the same way I see knives: a tool that you can use the right way--or the wrong way. So I understand the need to make some rules.

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These folks from the 80's would disagree with me though:

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Now that's some crazy talk!!

This new Alabama law has NOTHING to do with smoking weed, or anything that could impair driving. Instead, it outlaws tobacco-smoking in cars.

Mayor Bloomberg Proposes Extending Smoking Ban To Public Parks And Beaches
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The Wrong Type of Smoking

It's supposed to protect children. This new law prohibits smoking in enclosed vehicles with "children ages 14 & younger as passengers." And rolling down the windows doesn't exempt you from breaking it.

The Alabama Department of Public Health posted about the new law recently:

There has been a longstanding effort to protect kids in cars. Your parents or grandparents might remember when they were jostled around in the back seat of the car with no seatbelts.

This is just the next thing on the list.

New Safety Reforms Make Child Car Seats Compulsory
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Old Safety, New Safety


However, the police won't pull you over if they just see you smoking in the car with a child. The law has smoking listed as a "secondary violation."

This means, you'll only get charged if cops have already pulled you over for something more serious, like speeding.

The fine? $100 big ones.

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Dangers of Smoking

I wonder if they could outlaw smoking cigarettes in your house next....

Stay safe out there on the roads, folks.

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