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A huge body of water, me and no way to get out of the big body of water.


An Alabama man is someone that went through the terror of being lost in the Gulf Of Mexico after falling off a cruise ship.

He had NOTHING to float on or even a smart phone to call for help.

It was a nightmare in the middle of what should have been, a relaxing vacation. James Grimes is the man that survived all of the odds against him.

The video of the US Coast Guard rescuing him is terrifying and beautiful, at the same time.


Now, he is talking about his incredible ordeal for the first time. In a recent interview on Good Morning America, he talked about what it was like to spend the night in the Gulf.

Grimes, from LaFayette, Alabama, is only 28 years-old. He believes God must have a plan for his life.

I think that is pretty clear at this point.

James was on a ship operated by Carnival Cruise Lines, named Valor, and what an appropriate name for this ship.

Darkness as far as you can try and see in every direction.

I would be so concerned about what else is in that water. Sharks, of course, but do not forget jellyfish. You have quite a few in that part of the Gulf of Mexico.

There is no way that I would have lasted more than a couple of minutes. Maybe not even that long. I don't know this for sure, but my guess is, Mr. Grimes had a couple of cocktails before falling in the water.

Alcohol is served in large quantities on cruise ships. It may have been a necessary component for him to get through the early hours of the ordeal. I know it is the only way I would have had a chance.

God Bless Alabama man James Grimes.

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