Most parents have already prepared their child’s Easter baskets. Now, Alabama parents may have to empty the sweet treats that are to be delivered by the bunny on Sunday.

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Chocolate Easter Bunny in a Basket

Contamination of food does happen but we don’t want carcinogens in our children’s treats.  Some Easter staples should be pulled off of the shelves because they contain cancer-causing ingredients.  Other countries seem to be ahead of us in keeping their residents safe.


Now is red dye 3 banned in our country by the FDA? The answer is yes and no…Red dye 3 was banned over 30 years ago for use in cosmetics due to cancer-causing ingredients. Yet, it’s okay to eat this stuff, how is that possible?

Food And Drug Administration Headquarters In Maryland
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As parents, you don’t expect to be poisoning your child by giving them an Easter basket.  So it’s a well-known fact that red dye 3 is known to cause cancer, so why are candy makers even using this dye knowing that information?

Easter egg basket on field covered with eggs

Which treat should we remove immediately, well unfortunately it is one of my favorites!

Group of Children with Easter Baskets

Peeps!! My go-to sweet treat that I look forward to this time of year.

So I now have to avoid the pink and lavender ones because when creating that color they must use red dye 3.  So this leads me to search if any other Just Born candy items use red dye 3.

Yes, there are other treats that we should avoid also.

Hot Tamales, Peeps hot tamales marshmallow chicks, party cake Peeps, Peeps fruit punch marshmallow Chicks, and Peeps wild berry marshmallow bunnies.

So, as Alabama parents, you make an informed decision if your child should have any of the candies listed above.

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