In Alabama, you can drive a mile and see five Dollar General locations.

In fact, some would say that the scariest thing in Alabama is?


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That's pretty scary! I must admit.

It's Dollar General Gone WILD!


Many employees in Alabama and in other states are threatening to walk out.

Check out what happened the other day at this DG:  

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Now, an employee has posted a TikTok video of the entire staff quitting and walking right out the door.

Watch what happens below:

@jackiie524 Lack of support from higher management we locked the doors and texted our DM we quit! #dollargeneral #iquit #MyDolceMoment #overworkedunderpaid #putinaticket ♬ Oh No - Kreepa


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Another episode of angry Dollar General employees last year was written about by The Daily Dot here.

As an employee at a large company, I can understand the "put in a ticket" complaint.

At times, you feel like you are being told that just so you will leave them alone.

This isn't a brand-new issue, of course. I'm also not sure if it should be blamed on the same thing other companies are blaming staff shortages on.

I've heard about this at Dollar General before, and I even had an employee reach out to me from her Tuscaloosa, Alabama store.

I was told a story about a Tuscaloosa area employee, who posted her comments here on this message board.

Photo: Dollar General Employee Group/Facebook
Photo: Dollar General Employee Group/Facebook

The employee said one of her managers FORCED her to delete all comments, about Dollar General putting workers at risk in relation to safety standards, immediately, or be fired.

In addition, she was told to get rid of any post with negative comments about Dollar General.

You have got to be kidding!

Dollar General employees have faced all types of threats of late.

Photo: Facebook/DC Townsquare Media

Photo: Facebook/DC Townsquare Media

You can't tell workers what they can say online or to friends and family. Right? Would any large corporation get away with this blatant censorship?

Am I missing something? Did the rules change?

I'm convinced you always look like you are hiding something when you behave this way in business or in regular everyday life.

What do you think you will gain by trying to "shut the employees up"?

It will always blow up in your face.

It's public record that Dollar General recently was cited by the government for hazardous conditions at many locations.

The workers at those locations should be able to express their concerns.

RIGHT? Why shouldn't they be allowed to speak out?

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