Someone asked me yesterday, "Whats it's like to be a member of Adam's Army, Hillcrest's Crazy Fan section?"  I replied, "Each Friday afternoon around 3pm I remove my shirt and shave my chest.  I then take black paint and paint my upper torso leaving a bare spot for the number which I choose to be that night.  So far I've chosen.....

#61 representing Nate Robbins the 6'3" 300 pound lineman that is a BLOCKING BEAST!

#5 for QB Cole Fredrick for his GOOD DECISIONS and GREAT COMMAND of the Offense.

#44 Clay Harris with his QUICK FEET and ability to transition to DT or DE with ease.

I'm thinking Ken Marshall next because of his work ethic, and I'm saving #4 Brian Robinson for Homecoming I think.  I have a Red, White and Blue Megaphone that can create a louder volume than John Merrill on the PA.  I love our announcer guy for sure...I do wish he'd say cool catch phrases like BOO-YA, TOUCHDOWN HILLCREST, TAKE THAT AND REWIND IT BACK OAK MOUNTAIN! :)

I listen to Brent Jones and Brad Armstrong on 95.3 The Bear calling all the action.  On big HILLCREST SCORING PLAYS, it kinda sounds like Brent is about to jump out of the press box and I really like that.  I'm sure Brad would hold him down if he tried cause he sounds like a super cool dude.

Saturday thru Thursday, I often dream of getting to hold an extra point for Joesph Gannon.  To be honest, I think of pulling the ole CHARLIE BROWN but we're usually playing Opelika or Blount in the 2016 championship game and we need the 3 points.  In my dream, Gannon kicks it over those new field goal nets at Hillcrest and it makes the net holding dude kinda mad inside i think.  I then wake up to the sound of my wife LAUGHING really loud.  I then realize I'm a grown man, with a shaved chest, and dang black paint all over my upper torso and it's not even Friday.  And thats what it's like to be a member of ADAM's ARMY, the best football fans in Tuscaloosa!"

                         -Wild Bill (pictured above wearing a baby blue hat backwards)

Adams Army, Source: Hillcrest High School



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