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The company that makes Swiss Army Knives is developing
BLADE-LESS products due to a rise in knife crime.  What? A blade-less knife! There are several versions in the works.


What’s a Swiss Army knife without a blade? A can opener.
The company that makes the iconic pocketknife decided to get rid of its main feature. Why?

woman cutting a heart toy with knife

Well Europe is looking to ban pocket knives now that stabbings have gotten so out of control. Also, the Swiss Army company says their customers aren’t using blades as much as the corkscrew, nail clippers, screwdrivers, and the wire stripper. Sure!

The Swiss Army knife without a blade. What’s next? The triggerless gun. The arrowless bow. The slingless slingshot.

The Swiss Army knife folks have gone WOKE. And this Alabama boy is not happy about it.

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