The reality of West Alabama football tonite is that about 50% of high schools will be playing their final game of the season.  For some, it may be the last night they ever put on a pair of shoulder pads and helmet.  Normally, I stack up the match ups but not today.

I hope you're "bagging what I'm raking" here, it's an emotional night for many seniors that play football, play in the band and dance line and the cheerleaders.  To the mom, to the dad that invest much time and energy in supporting their kids!  To the men and women that work in the hotdog stands...WE THANK YOU for what you do! :)

In my opinion, theres not a more pure game that involves a pigskin than high school football.  We are blessed with coaches that build character and help change a boy to a man.  The last time I was in Central Tuscaloosa's locker room I over-heard players complaining about the yucky smell that lockers room usually have after a long season of hard work.  "Believe it or not guys, you're gonna miss'll miss the smells, the team, the mouth piece that always collects dirt and grime that you constantly shove in your mouth if you wanna keep those teeth" I said with a smile!  :)

If tonight be your last night, make it count!!!  Play within the rules and give 100% effort no matter the score.  Above all, have fun and know in years to come, you will remember this night as one of the good ole days of your life. :) :) :) :)

Lorri Marshall Eads
Lorri Marshall Eads