The world of dating can be tricky. What to wear? What to talk about?

Where do you go on a date in West Alabama?

Fellas, you never want to spend too much money on a first date. You don't wanna spend a lot of money on someone until you are sure you like them.

That's why you have to work your way up.

Here are the 5 Steps to dating in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.



Date #1. Start small.


Facebook via Publix/ Brandon Cruz

Why go all out when there is a perfectly good hot bar at Publix Supermarkets all over T-Town. They have a good "meat and 3's" and it is under $8 a plate.

And if you don't like your date, it is nicely bagged and packaged so you can split.


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Date #2. If they made it past your first date.


Joe Raedle, Getty Images


Who doesn't like McDonald's? Getcha McChicken and some fries and an ice cream cone. Plus, it's KIND OF a sit-down place. So it counts.




Date #3. You Like them a little. So a tad more effort is needed.


Photo courtesy of Google


Taco Casa. A Tuscaloosa tradition. Remember, ONLY if they have earned Taco Casa. It's special.



Date #4. Time to up your game.

(Credit: Google Maps/Screenshot)


Baumhower's is a great sit-down place. Always sports on the big screen ( and everywhere else ) Great food. And if you have already established that you like your date. You can get a little messy with the wings and all that Ranch sauce.


Date #5. Make your move now.

(Noah Lueker, Townsquare Media)

By now, you have been out with your person a few times and things may be headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION ( If you know what I mean ). The Half Shell is the place to seal the deal.

If things don't get hot and heavy after dinner here, move on Bruh! 

Then start all over at Publix.