I recently made the move back home to Mississippi to be closer to family and I'm quickly realizing the differences between Tuscaloosa and Columbus. 

I love both cities for different reasons but with the population of Tuscaloosa being near 98,000 and Columbus having just a little over 23,000 residents, the amenities in T-Town are greater.

Granted I'm only one hour away but here is a list of 5 Things I Miss About Tuscaloosa.

  1. SHOPPING - I miss having so many choices of places to shop. Mainly I miss stores like Aldi, Target, Wagner's RunWalk, and Fresh Market.
  2. CONCERTS - Not that Columbus doesn't have a good collection of local musicians playing a few nights a week but Tuscaloosa has the Amphitheater, Green Bar and Druid City Brewing Company bringing in national acts that I've always enjoyed.
  3. BEER - Mississippi is stepping up their beer game yes, but its not quite there yet. For one, no breweries call Columbus home. There is Mayhew Junction Brewing outside of Starkville but Tuscaloosa has three breweries and many choices for craft beer options at local restaurants.
  4. ALABAMA FOOTBALL - I'm only an hour away so I can come into town for a Crimson Tide game anytime I want to but now, all I see is Mississippi State Bulldog gear everywhere I go. Roll Tide.
  5. RADIO - 95.3 The Bear listeners. That is all.

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