I'm kidding. Trump won. Maybe. Initial overnight ratings suggest Fox News was able to hold their own with 13  million viewers.

Either way, the New York big wig just played the best game of chess ever with a bunch of folks who brought checkers and just like the others who have come before, Fox News now faces the grim task of digging out of the rubble. Most everyone I spoke with only watched Fox to see how

The end of the 24-hour cable news network's control over the tone of the Republican primaries was evident, at least to me, when I heard Bill O'Reilly begging Trump to appear at the debate because he owed the broadcaster 17 Vanilla milk shakes. Alas, O'Reilly's milkshakes did not bring Trump to the yard or the debate and the world took notice of the candidate's bold move.

The New Yorker magazine accused Trump of taking the lead through a 'hostile takeover' of the GOP. John McCain blasted him for 'destroying the press'. Both accusations are true, but I'm surprised that such strong language was used for someone the same group has been assuring us was a joke.

This hot mess of an election cycle will continue.




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