You read that right, microwavable shows!  Asics Footwear is going to allow customers to customize their sneakers with in-store microwave ovens. Customers will choose custom colors, soles and other components before microwaving them in a mold at an Asics retailer. The custom shoes will bake for 15 seconds before they are ready.

According to Mashable, you will be able to choose the color of the various layers of your sneaker soles, including the midsole and upper. The component for the sole comes in pellet form, and gets microwaved in a mold and takes about 15 seconds.  According to patent documents, the lightweight soles will be made with foam thermoplastic polyurethanes in pellet form, and can be customizable down to their firmness.

I just wonder, what happens when you wear them outside on a hot day?

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