Heritage House Coffee & Tea has been serving us for over 20 years. I became antiquated with the quirky little (really not so little) coffee shop over the last few months and visit now pretty frequently. I have tried many of the specialty coffees. They all are remarkable. Here are my two favorites.

Heritage House

It's the smell when I first walk in that gets me. Rich, fresh coffee and pastries and other baked goodness fills the air. I look forward to a plopping down on any one of the comfortable couches and enjoying a Cafe Caramel. It literally feels like home. Tieme slows down a little. You see people having conversations, reading books, doing school work on laptops, no one seems to be in a hurry.

My second favorite coffee is the Carmel Macciato. Heritage House Manager, Sara broke down the ingredients for me. It's half coffee - half steamed milk.  It has chocolate in it. And Carmel...AND vanilla.  It's crazy.

What is you favorite coffee or tea from Heritage House?


Oh, If you are in there around lunch time, try the California Club. Just do it.


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