My son and I took a short walk to Medeiros Point at the end of Greensboro Ave yesterday. Brody was amazed at the old Bama Belle floating near a small pier. He asked a million question about the old boat that I couldn't answer. I did a little digging and still have no solid answers.

Bama Belle
Bama Belle | Scott Shepherd

A Google search pulled up an article from the Tuscaloosa News  By Jason Morton from May of this year. The article talks about the boats owners (at that time) and how it was listed for sale on Craigslist. I searched Craigslist but found nothing. According to the T-News article:

The Bama Belle has been part of Tuscaloosa’s river scene since 2001, but it stopped offering cruises in June 2012 after holes developed in the chill coolers on the bottom of the boat, causing an engine to fail. It’s not been publicly operational since.

The Bama Belle has a website that seems to have been abandoned too. The boat now looks like it's in pretty bad shape.

I would like to know what the owners and/or the city of Tuscaloosa plan on doing with it. Was it just not profitable anymore? Were the repairs needed to costly? Is it still for sale? If you have any information, send it my way:



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