It is the Halloween season and it’s time to enjoy the month of October. Some of us have a tradition of enjoying our favorite horror movies all month. We love our classic horror movies like “Friday the 13th”, “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Halloween,” “Scream” and many more.

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However, most of us love haunted houses and frightening experiences. From haunted mills to deadly warehouses, there is a frightening experience for every fright fan. But the question is, where is the best fright experience in West Alabama?

My answer is "Warehouse31" located at 3150 Lee Street in Pelham. Warehouse31 is rated as the number one haunted house experience by reviews.

What Will I See at Warehouse31?

Photo Credit: Warehouse31 Facebook page
Photo Credit: Warehouse31 Facebook page

Warehouse31 offers three experiences for the Halloween season. The first is Rigamortis, which is more of a traditional-style haunted house offering a look into the “Rift Master’s domain.”

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Warehouse31 offers a 3-D experience for guests to put on their 3-D glasses and enjoy “the rift.” Guests will find 3-D artwork puzzle pieces and the Tunnel of Doom. The Tunnel of Doom features shocks and surprises from the “rift master.”

Photo Credit: Warehouse 31 Facebook
Photo Credit: Warehouse 31 Facebook

The Warehouse31 escape room, fitting up to six people, offers fright fans a way to test their survival skills while waiting to enter the main attraction.

Where can I get Tickets for Warehouse 31?

Tickets are available at where those interested can also learn about special events such as "Lights Out Lantern Night." Also, check out the peak nights for Warehouse31 to help plan the best time to enjoy.

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