I just left a meeting with Don Hartley, Louie Linguini, and Santa Clause and the West Alabama Santa Track map has just been released from the North Pole.  Northern Tuscaloosa County kids will need to be asleep by 11:37 while Hale County can raise their namesake until 12:15 this year.

Don Hartley says he recommends being in bed 30 minutes prior to make sure you're really asleep and Santa nodded in agreement.  The rest of the meeting was about Louie being on the naughty list since he was 5 and lets just say he better watch out.

Santa specifically said that kids that live in cities of Northport and Tuscaloosa will be visited in the 11:49 time zone.  Adding Don's advice of 30 minutes that means in bed by 11:19pm where you're tired or not.  Santa said he loves Doritos, Chocolate Milk, Beef Jerky Sticks, and chicken livers from KFC.

Please note Santa calls Jefferson County "Jeff" and I was not prepared to draw a map at the meeting. #WildBillShow #SantaTuscaloosaTracker #It'sTheEggNogTalkingHere


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