The South is a very unique place regarding culture and everyday living. We pride ourselves on our hospitality and way of life. If you come to live in the South or just to visit though, these are some terms you might want to know.

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1) "Y'all"

When in the South and you are in a group of people the term “Y’all” will most likely be used. “Y’all” refers to the entire group of people. Most likely, you would hear it in a sentence like: “Y’all want to go out for dinner?” So don’t be surprised if you get included in a group, southern folks are a friendly bunch!

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2) "Roll Tide"

Another term you will hear in Alabama, especially in Tuscaloosa, is "Roll Tide." The phrase shows support for the University of Alabama’s sports programs. Most of the time, you could hear someone say, “See you at Bryant Denny to watch Alabama beat Auburn -  Roll Tide.”

3) "Bless Your Heart"

One of the more famous Southern expressions that you are bound to hear when you visit Alabama is “Bless Your Heart.” Now this can actually mean a few different things depending on the situation. If, for example, someone’s family member passes away, you may hear someone use the phrase to express sympathy for the situation.

Now on the other hand, if you have done or said something silly and someone doesn’t want to be rude but wants you to know what you did, you may hear, “Well Bless Your Heart”. This is not a compliment and you may want to reexamine what you just said or did.

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George Frey

4) "I'll Take a Coke"

When you visit Alabama and want something cold to drink, you will probably hear someone ask for a “Coke.” However, this doesn’t mean the person necessarily wants the Coca-Cola beverage, it just means they want a carbonated soft drink. It’s not unusual for someone to say “Let me get a Coke” and then they will be asked what kind of “Coke” they want. It could be a Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper or another carbonated soft drink.

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5) "Buggies"

We all have to go grocery shopping from time to time. Here is another Southern phrase you are guaranteed to hear while getting your items at the grocery store: the silver baskets with wheels are not called carts, they are called “buggies.” You may hear someone say, “Let me grab a buggy before we shop,” if you're making a stop in a southern Walmart.

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These are just a few terms you may want to know when you come to visit or live in Alabama. Join us for a glass of sweet tea and our southern hospitality.

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