Brandon Turnage plays football for the Tennessee Volunteers, but he once wore a crimson jersey and was a member of the Alabama football team.

Moments after Alabama whomped the Tennessee Volunteers 52-24 during the Tide's homecoming football game last weekend, a truly heartwarming moment of awww was caught on video.

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Several Bama players greeted their former teammate. After some pictures were taken, Turnage led his Bama buddies to the sideline and motioned for someone to bring his 9-month-old daughter, Aspen Nova, down to the fence.

Turnage then introduced his baby girl to his Bama friends, who were over the moon to meet her.

Watch the video below to see huge heartwarming smiles on the faces of those Bama football players. This sweet moment was exactly what Alabama and Tennessee fans needed to see after a fierce battle on the football field.

What most people forget to realize is that fierce battle was -- and is often -- fought between friends.

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