#5 Alabama vs #1 Texas-Arlington FINAL FOUR action today saw UA Wheelchair Basketball lose 68-44.  UTA proved why they are a #1 seed during a pivotal 12 point run late int he first half.  Alabama's James Cook lead Bama's defense keeping the game close in the 1st half.  Ryan Morich, who shocked UTA last year with 17 first half points was double teamed by the Movin' Mavs this year.

As a fan i thought the game was looked more like football today.  It was very physical and the bald ref seemed to have swallowed his whistle on one end of the court.  

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Alabama's big man, from Australia Michael Auprince from Sydney, Australia just couldn't get fed down low. Ya gotta feed a big Kangaroo and UTA's great defense simply would not allow him inside.

We Bama fans take our hats off to a great UTA team, and it's obvious they remembered last year.  Alabama Men Wheelchair Basketball is a Tuscaloosa treasure and we are proud of our team!


Stand up basketball...

Alabama Men just upset South Carolina!!!!! YEA!!!!!!  Thats 2 times we've shocked them Buzzerd! lol.