It's not like the Tuscaloosa area is suffering from a shortage of gourmet dessert options. From Steel City Pops to Frost Bite and the Baked Bear to Babe's Doughnuts, you can find almost anything your sweet tooth desires in the Druid City.

Still, when a new concept called Sam's Cookie Dough announced last summer that they were planning to open a brick and mortar store in Tuscaloosa soon, even Meg Summers couldn't help but get excited at the idea.

Unfortunately, it appears Tuscaloosa will have to wait a little while longer for a gourmet cookie dough shop to come to town.

Sam's announced on Facebook Wednesday that their efforts to set up a storefront did not play out, but said they will still be accepting commissioned orders that people can pick up locally.

While the announcement is probably good for diets all around town, we can't help but be bummed this particular dessert-themed dream won't be coming true.

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