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Sleep. We all need it, there's no doubt about it. Some more than others haha! Whether it be sleeping in, or a midday nap for 10 mins, we never seem to get enough of it. I myself am included in that problematic area of feeling like I'm not getting enough sleep.

Online videos and video games aren't helping at all but I digress.

However a study has shown that I am not the only one with sleeping troubles. In fact, the city I live in might be having problems too!

According to RetailMeNot it turns out both Tuscaloosa and Birmingham are having sleeping troubles, and it's not very light problems either.

In the small cities ranking, Tuscaloosa placed 3rd in sleeping problems, and in the midsize cities ranking Birmingham ranked 3rd as well!

What is happening in the state of Alabama to cause this? Part of me wants to say that people are just partying up too late, but then I think maybe that others are stuck staying awake due to the partying that is going on! But also maybe some of them just lay in bed and try to close their eyes and they can't naturally fall asleep.

Regardless we need to get lower on that list because this isn't the time to be Sleepless in Tuscaloosa. Stop maybe it's time to stop partying so late? I mean the National Championship was a month ago. Maybe we move on to celebrating something else, and safely while we're at it?

Wait what the heck am I talking about, let's keep celebrating the National Championship! Sleep is for the weak!

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