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OK, I’m just going to put it out there. I absolutely love, love chicken livers. Chicken livers! You have to cook ‘em right. Chicken livers are the perfect combination of creamy, salty and crispy. Some food snobs like to turn their noses up at this southern classic. We chicken liver lovers are almost like a mini cult.

Some of us like them with ketchup. Some of us like them with hot sauce.  I prefer dipping them in Thousand Island salad dressing. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Here are my Top 5 spots for the best chicken livers in T-Town:


#1. My personal favorite, and always a go to if I can get there by 11:00am, is the Chevron gas station on 69 and Kalloosa Avenue. Yes, a gas station! Just a heads up though, they run out quickly. This place is so good, they don't bother to give service with a smile. And nobody seems to care.


#2. Nick's In The Sticks is an absolute must for the chicken liver lover. Take out or dine in they have never let me down. The Nick’s Ranch, Blue Cheese, and Thousand Island are winners.  Get all three dipping sauces. Don't judge! The Nickodemus is a good chaser.


#3. Sharks is a great option. Order early when the oil is fresh.


#4. Cracker Barrel has a great chicken liver dinner, if you’re dinning in. Not so good when delivered.

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#5. Popeye's has amazing chicken livers. But they don’t always have them available. When they do, its like winning the lottery.

Where is your favorite spot for chicken livers? Please tell us in the comment section. And for you liver haters, you don’t know what you’re missing.


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