Tuscaloosa always comes together to help each other. In times of need, or even to educate each other with free, top of the line merchandise.

Tuscaloosa's One Place and AmeriCorps recently held an event specifically for men in the Tuscaloosa community. During the event, they gave away gift bags with health information and some free Nike gear.

The line to get to the front of the giveaway was at least 30 cars long. The great thing is that every car was able to receive merchandise.  All completely free.

The event went so well that many people were asking if something like this would happen again. Tuscaloosa's One Place employee  Deandria Patton said " Since we're seeing so much success with this event, I think we will have another in the near future."

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I loved how they were doing this event to spotlight men's health. That's a topic that should be discussed often but it's not.  "We're just trying to encourage men to go to the doctor. Today, we're providing various pieces of information and making them aware of different organizations in the community so they can take care of themselves," Patton said.

We look forward to being at the next event. Until then, enjoy these pictures from their recent Men's Health Giveaway.

Free Nike Merchandise With Tuscaloosa's One Place & AmeriCorps

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