A Facebook video posted earlier this week shows the panicked scene on 15th street in Tuscaloosa immediately following the impact of two vehicles.

“I did see it from start to finish…I didn’t start going live until after I got myself together because I couldn’t believe what I just saw.” Said Sheika McGhee who posted the live video.

She described the horrific scene as the two cars came into contact with each other.

“The light was red and a car just came flying down the road going really fast and did not attempt to stop at all!!! He hit the back of the truck with so much force the windows blew out and hit cars in front of him.”

It’s hard to believe that such a tragic crash could happen right in the middle of Tuscaloosa.

Editors Note: The video below contains language some may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised. 


Soon after the crash, one of the vehicles burst into flames with people still inside. The passenger stumbled out of the vehicle but the driver was still trapped inside the burning car. That’s when a young Tuscaloosa man jumped into action to essentially save the day.

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As the car was burning, a Tuscaloosa man by the name of Neil Whitehead was at a nearby McDonald’s drive-thru and witnessed the car burning before taking matters into his own hands and putting out the fire himself.

Neil ran into the McDonald’s to find a fire extinguisher “Something just told me to run to McDonald’s.”

After acquiring a fire extinguisher, Neil put the car fire out as officers tried breaking the windows of the vehicle to rescue the trapped driver.

Ultimately, Neil was able to safely extinguish the fire and return to his vehicle as if nothing ever happened. You can hear Neil’s complete first hand account of that wild night below.

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