Are you ready to get outdoors? If the answer is YES, I’m right there with you. For me, I say that I am a combo of chilling at home and being out and about. I call it a great balance. You have to balance doing all of this either solo, on dates, with family, or with friends. Choices.

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The past few days have really been what my boss calls “Chamber of Commerce” weather. Days like this, I really crave being outside. I keep pop-up chairs in my car for this type of situation. I’ve been known to take my lunch to the park during the week, just to get out of the office.

When I want to be outdoors, I love the idea of picnics. I have a whole setup. But, at times, I get discouraged because there is a lot to transport and set up. Oh, and the fact I might be slightly bougie doesn’t help.

Well, there is a solution. A friend ran across Picnic Tuscaloosa and shared it with me. They pride themselves on being a “picnic planning company who specializes in luxury picnics.” Click here to check out their Instagram; SUPER CUTE setups.

I think I have fallen in love because at Picnic Tuscaloosa; they do the setup. This means you show up, enjoy and chill in beautiful Alabama. According to their Instagram, they have set up luxury picnics at the University of Alabama, painting picnics, and even at Lake Nicol.

What an awesome idea! This would be perfect for dates, girl’s afternoon, family outings, Daddy-daughter dates, intimate birthday parties, and so much more. It’s a picnic on another level.

(Source) Click here for more about Picnic Tuscaloosa.

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