It can be used in almost any given situation. Good, bad, or ugly, most folks know what it means, even when it makes no grammatical sense whatsoever. Roll Tide, folks.

In honor of David Letterman's final show last night, I've decided to channel my inner "Late Show" self and come up with my own "Top 10" list, and what better list is there than something that has to deal with the two best words in the world?

Roll. Tide.


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    Answering the Phone

    If you don't pick up your phone when it's ringing and greet the telemarketer on the other end with a big ol' "Roll Tide," then what are you doing with your life? And it makes for an interesting conversation if, heaven forbid, an Auburn fan is calling you.

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    As a proud alumnus of The University of Alabama, of course my parents and brother gave me a "Roll Tide" after I earned my degree from The Capstone. But it's not just for educational congrats; after a friend scores a goal, gets a new job, girl/boyfriend says "yes" to a marriage proposal, and even gets a pay raise at work, saying "Roll Tide" is absolutely appropriate for congratulations.

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    When you trudge into work, sure you may not like all of your fellow co-workers, but giving them a nice "Roll Tide" when you walk in the doors is the best way to brighten anyone's day. Not to mention it's a great way of greeting some random stranger on the sidewalk.

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    What's the fun in saying, "Yes, I agree with everything you just said, 100%"? No fun at all, right? So when you agree with someone, why don't you just give them a nice "Roll Tide" and we'll all be on the same page?

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    When you pull out a delicious smelling pizza from the oven, what's the one thing you're going to say when the scintillating aroma of cheese, bread, and sauce hits your nose? Well, "Roll Tide," isn't it obvious? What do you say when a first date goes really good? Well, after asking, "So I'll see you later?" (and hopefully, the other person says "Roll Tide), out of sheer excitement, you have no choice but to exclaim, "Roll Tide!"

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    This may sound counter-intuitive, but when someone is feeling down and suffering from a bad case of the blues, a heartfelt "Roll Tide" will always put a smile back on their face.

    But if not, then chocolate is a good substitute. Everyone loves chocolate.

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    Accepting a Job

    When a future employer asks you to describe yourself, all you really need to tell him/her is "Roll Tide" and everything they need to know will be answered in just those two words.

    Also, refer back to #6 when you do get the job.

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    This is similar to #6 as well, but more spur of the moment. Here's one good example: let's say you're taking a long test and it's absolutely draining. When you put the pencil down to signify that you've finished, just let out a big "Roll Tide" and let the world know that you suffered through a strenuous test, and came out a victor!

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    After Alabama Scores a Touchdown

    This one is pretty self explanatory. If you don't know to do this by now, you may need to rethink your allegiance.

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    Okay, Pretty Much Any Time

    It's completely fine, you can actually say "Roll Tide" in any given situation, and it will always make sense.

    Go ahead, try it out.

    Roll Tide.

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