Your personal information could be vulnerable to countless hackers and other criminals thanks to a simple genealogy website. Your full name, a list of all your family members, your contact information--even a list of your friends and co-workers--is displayed for literally the entire world to see. Creepy, right?

I found out about FamilyTreeNow thanks to an article in The Washington Post. This site truly does list a TON of your personal information, and it's easily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

I did a quick search using my name and was shocked and horrified by the results. My full name, date of birth, and current address were listed along with the names of each and every member of my family AND a few of my closest friends. The site also listed my past SEVEN residential addresses--dating back to when I was a teenager. I was stunned!

The good news is: you can opt out of FamilyTreeNow, and the site will take down your personal information. I suggest doing this ASAP, because it truly is unbelievable how much of your (and your family's) personal info is just out there on this site. Click HERE to head over to the FamilyTreeNow Opt-Out form.

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