Who could use a thermal camera attachment for your Android or iPhone? You could,according to Flir.com.

instagram.com - @headyhoneys
instagram.com - @headyhoneys

Instagram user @headyhoneys used the technology to monitor the temp in bee hives!

Flir's website says the DIYer in all of us can use the thermal technology:


Put more things on the “Did It Yourself” list.

FLIR ONE can help you isolate places of possible warm or cold air leaks to optimize your home’s energy efficiency; identify wet areas and potential leaks in ceilings, walls and floors before mold starts, and spot overloaded electrical connections at the source. This tool is the handyperson’s best friend and a must-have for your DIY days.

They also say Flir One can come in handy at Work:


Work faster, smarter and safer.

Whether you’re looking for water leaks, trying to find the source of something that smells hot, or searching for lost pets at night, FLIR ONE lets you see things you couldn’t before.


And Flir one can be used for just plain fun:


Bring playtime to a whole new level.

This summer, have longer days as you observe wildlife and navigate trails in complete darkness. Have more restful nights by checking your campsite for animals, or a smoldering fire, from the comfort of your tent. And have more fun putting a spin on a night game of hide-and-go-seek.

I particularly like the Hide-and-go-seek option! Never lose again! See Flir user photos here.

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