I love technology, especially when it really solves a problem for me. In my family, I am famous for losing stuff. Misplacing may be a better word. The folks at Pixie promise to help me never lose anything again.

Pixie Technology - Facebook.com
Pixie Technology - Facebook.com

Pixie Technology's 'short description' on Facebook reads:

Pixie is the new, simple way to locate, protect and organize what matters to you most

The website says Pixie tags can be attached to all the things you love and provide precise location for them. Via Pixie’s free app, you could see exactly where your things are – even through walls. Get alerted when they move away from you, or when you get far from them.

I need this! You can pre-order now for Summer delivery! Get 1 pack (4 Pixie tags) for $39.95, 2 packs (8 Pixie Tags) for $74.90 or 3 packs (12 Pixie Tags) for $109.85.

On their website, there is even a demo of how they tags and app actually work.


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