No statement has stood the test of time like, "A company that supports bacon and beer is a company you can trust." Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a bit, but who can argue with the sentiment?

If it weren't for the sponsors of this inaugural event, we never would have been able to create this delectable day for Tuscaloosa. Not only do these businesses stand behind the idea of bacon and beer co-existing for our enjoyment, but they're also great local people that make this city a special place.

So support those that support this event and help them bring home the bacon!

  • Greene Beverage Company

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Greene Beverage operates a distribution warehouse in Tuscaloosa, AL, to serve 10 counties in the West Alabama area by providing fresh, high quality products to a wide range of distribution services to beverage retailers of all kinds: bars, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores  and other types of product outlets. Learn more about Greene Beverage.

  • Zeigler Meats

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Tradition at Zeigler is not just a matter of making fine seasoned meats. Tradition is a matter of quality and commitment on which our company was founded by Mr. R.L. Zeigler in 1927. Zeigler Meats remains the largest privately owned meat packing company in the Southeast and it's headquarters are here in Tuscaloosa.

  • Left Hand Soap Company

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Left Hand Soap Co. is a small batch soap company in Tuscaloosa Alabama with 14 years experience in quality, natural and organic skincare. In 14 years operating in Tuscaloosa we have worked with local breweries (Good People Brewing Co. & Druid City Brewing Co.), print makers (Yellowhammer Creative, The Southern Letterpress & Mammoth Print Shop), health food (Manna Grocery & Deli), the Kentuck Art Center and consignment/vintage stores (Grace Aberdean). Find us at Homegrown Alabama Farmers' Market on Thursdays, too!