The people have spoken... The Levee won this year's People's Choice Award for the Pimento Cheese Bacon Bombs they brought to Bacon and Brewfest! Check out the video above; we had a chance to present The Levee with their award--and a chance to have more of those incredible Pimento Cheese Bacon Bombs!

Everyone here at the station is OBSESSED with those little bombs of ooey-gooey, smoky, cheesy goodness, and we're not the only ones. The Levee won the People's Choice Award by a huge margin--they had close to three times as many votes as their nearest competitor!

We've got to give the crew at The Levee props for bringing their A Game to Bacon and Brewfest this year. They had a deep fryer ON SITE so they could serve those crazy good Pimento Cheese Bacon Bombs while they were still fresh and piping hot. You could tell the crew from The Levee was NOT messing around; they came to win!

If you've been dreaming about those glorious Pimento Cheese Bacon Bombs since Saturday--or if you haven't had a chance to try them yet--we've got good news for y'all: Pimento Cheese Bacon Bombs will be on The Levee's menu starting next week! You'll be able to order them anytime you want--which means you'll probably see us at The Levee next week trying to convince the kitchen staff to fill up the back of our station vehicle with nothing but Pimento Cheese Bacon Bombs!

Congratulations to The Levee for winning the 2015 Bacon and Brewfest People's Choice Award! You can see the rest of our finalists HERE.

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