I have had many honors in my career as a radio personality but I don't think any will ever top the fact that I now have a beer named after me!

You can call it a collaboration if you want, but I'll just call it Band of Brothers head brew master Jeremiah remembering what he and I talked about one night over a beer. We've spent many an hour talking about brewing, different flavors and our love for the craft.

I may have mentioned to my friend that I love the smell and flavor of fresh cracked peppercorn. Well, he took our conversation and 'Monk On the Radio Begian Blonde Ale' was born and Saturday, you'll have the chance to try Band of Brothers newest creation!

On the description panel that will be placed on their table at Bacon & Brewfest, it is described as,

One of a kind. The most prominent feature of this beer is the yeast. The yeast is allowed to ferment at much higher temperatures than normal. This produces a much more complex and robust yeast profile and leaves the beer dry, accentuating these flavors. Expect a gentle dance of complex spices and fruit characters on your palate. Freshly ground peppercorn and coriander are also added late into the boil to lightly accent the spicy flavors of the yeast.

Wow! A beer named after me. What an amazing honor. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love being a part of the craft beer community in Alabama right now. Even more, I cannot wait to try this beer at tomorrow's Bacon & Brewfest!

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