18-year-old Hillcrest graduate Angel Eaton lost her battle with cancer in September and her family is now trying to find the funding needed to mark her final resting place.  

Angel was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in October 2013, just a few shorts months into her sophomore year. In February of 2014, the tumor was removed, along with three ribs and after a year and a half of treatment this vibrant soul had kicked cancer's butt.

The celebration lasted for over a year but unfortunately the cancer came back with a vengeance. This brave young lady fought a fierce fight for 5 months until her body grew tired and on September 18, 2016, Angel truly became an angel.

Her mother has started a GoFundMe page to help pay the high cost of a grave marker. In her description she states,

Now, comes one more hurdle ... the marker for her grave. Who would have thought that you'd need to rob a bank to pay for it. I've gotten prices from several different places and they all come to about the same cost. I could go cheap and just have something with her name and dates, but I really want to have something nice to mark her grave. This is what her little sister will see when she grows up and understands what happened. This is what will mark the place where my sweet Angel is buried. She deserves something amazing and unique, just like she was. The only problem is that to do something amazing and unique will cost a lot more than I have to spend.

Would you please pass this page along to your friends and let's get Angel the beautiful marker she so deserves. You can learn more and contribute by clicking here.

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