Will James Spann be chosen to be the guest picker on ESPN's College Game Day when it rolls into Tuscaloosa November 7th?

BamaHammer.com endorsed James Spann on Monday:

James Spann is a damn treasure to the state of Alabama and don’t you dare say otherwise. James Spann is the weatherman for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, but more than that, he’s Alabama’s Al Roker.

There is no one in Alabama who doesn’t love James Spann, he’s the guy who is there for you during tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and when it snows a half inch. He gives you the information you need while comforting you like an old friend. Simply put, James Spann is the greatest weatherman to ever live.

Spann may have gone to Mississippi State, but he’s devoted his life to protecting Alabama from bad weather. He’s always been there for us during inclement weather, let’s be there for him!

More than that Spann loves the state of Alabama and Alabama loves James Spann, you think we are the only ones with this idea?

We couldn't agree more. We are proud to have James Spann's forecasts on 95.3 The Bear!


James actually twitted about ESPN back in March:


Let's try to make it happen! send a Tweet to @CollegeGameDay

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