There's a unique energy when Southern Halo walk into a room together, and this is evident in their music video for "Living Like That," which Taste of Country exclusively premieres Friday (March 17).

The three sisters from Mississippi are all smiles and often finish each other's sentences, which ToC learned firsthand when sitting down with the girls during the 2017 Country Radio Seminar last month.

Christina, Hannah and Natalia Morris released their debut album in 2015, and "Living Like That" is the third single off the record. Written by good friend Aubrey Felice Collins alongside Nathan Dale Stoops, Paul Taylor and Benjamin Francis Harris, "Living Like That" sounds like it was tailor-made for the siblings.

"We released it at the top of 2017 [and] it's the best song to do at this time because it talks about how we want to start off the year," Natalia tells ToC before her sisters jump in.

"Living life to the fullest, having no regrets. Putting your hair down and just having fun," Christina adds before Hannah chimes in.

"Being yourself basically and not letting any obstacles get in your way," she says.

Southern Halo play their own instruments -- Christina on drums, Hannah on bass and Natalia on guitar -- and they say playing "Living Like That" live gets them energized on stage as they interact with their audience. Viewers get a glimpse into this energy throughout the video for "Living Like That," which was filmed in Nashville at Nossi College of Art. It acts as part performance video, part road trip for Southern Halo as the three women are seen rocking their respective instruments on the upbeat track about living in the moment, as well as seated in a classic 1963 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible.

"It is going to be a lot of red, a lot of rock, a lot of leather," the sisters say in unison. "All three of us wanted the concept of our music video to be visually focused on how much fun we have playing music together. We each have our own attitudes and they are expressed through our individual instruments. But of course, we had to throw a fun story line in there! We love acting and being silly, so we thought the different scenes of us driving around the world, chasing trains and just being sisters showed how we like to 'live like that.'"

The video was directed by James and Heather Mathews and filmed on both a white screen for the band's performance and a green screen as they're shown driving all over the world.

"Green screen can be complicated, and making it look believable takes a lot of personnel and work, both while filming and in post production," the directors state. "So, we decided to make a video about a music video shoot. We fell in love with this concept. It gave us the freedom to put the girls into all kinds of fun situations, such as driving the car down roller coaster tracks."

The girls are also highlighted seated atop the open convertible in a rain shower, which Hannah says was her favorite part to film.

"Sitting in the Caddy and twirling our umbrellas around . . . that was
one of the few scenes that were choreographed, and it was definitely the
trickiest one to accomplish," she confesses. "But I love taking on new challenges! Plus, the final result ended up looking great!"

Watch Southern Halo's video for "Living Like That" above. Their album is out now.

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