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This is has confused me for years. How in the world does everyone seem to carve a pumpkin with ease while I can barely cut pizza into four perfect squares? Not only that, but decorate so well too!

I remember growing up, carving pumpkins with the family and my mom and dad really knew how to make the kids pumpkins look great.  Trust me, my designs were the normal triangle eyes and then the silly looking one tooth smile.

As I got older though, I started seeing more and more exquisite designs on these little orange decorations famous on Halloween. From painting to craving, there are too many creative people in the world to count.

So how do I get better at this decorating thing?

I never really was about to draw, so I don't know how to design per se, but maybe there's a way to trace a design onto my orange friend. And the cleaning out of the pumpkin...can we just agree that the inside of a pumpkin isn't fun to clean out?

Orange goo and seeds, yuck. Least it fits the holiday, but moving on.

So I'm in trouble with the pumpkin, but I'm also in trouble on just decorating in general. My apartment is a mess, as per usual, but I can at least decorate my door right?

Thing is, all I can think to do is put paper bats on the door and call it a day.

Long story short, I need a class in Halloween decorating...for next year at least. I got a costume at least!

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