Alexander Shunnarah has shown multiple times his ability to be in touch with the social media world that we live in currently. First, he offered help to Ole Miss fans when trash was thrown at them. The lawyer then offered help to those dealing with rat poison.

To say the least, Shunnarah knows his audience and knows how to promote his business to a multitude of clientele.

The man with many billboards in the state of Alabama has certainly kept up with everything sports-wise, while also showing his sense of humor. Shunnarah now has another set of fans in his sights, this time in the softball world.

Now the Alabama lawyer looks eastward, helping those in The Peach State, known as Georgia.

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It all started on Monday when Alabama softball run-ruled Georgia after Ally Shipman hit a 3 run homer to seal the victory for the Tide:

Then this tweet from Nathan Sheehan referenced the final line from the video posted by the team's social media:

And then finally Shunnarah responded to the parody billboard, and also congratulated the Tide on their victory:

As mentioned previously, this isn't the first time Shunnarah has chimed in on SEC affairs. But Shunnarah has also chimed on big events in pop culture such as the Will Smith-Chris Rock confrontation:

He also has shown off his clothing choices:

And for those looking for a workout routine:

Long story short, Shunnarah has once again proven that he can keep up with trends.

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