The home opener for Alabama is this coming weekend, and things seem to be normal in T-Town. While watching this past week's game, I remembered how the playlist in the stadium is under scrutiny all the time it seems like:

First off, I disagree with this opinion.

And second, I have to ask: Why do people not like this song being played in the stadium?

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Is it the lyrics? Is it the beat? Is it just a general dislike of The Killers? I really don't get the problem, to be completely honest.

Overall, the song is pretty catchy, too! And for a song that was released in 2004, it certainly has the staying power.

Now the catch for me is that I haven't set foot in the stadium in a long while, and I don't know if they've refreshed the playlist since I've taken in a game at BDS.

So now the main question that has to be posed here is this:

Should "Mr. Brightside" be removed from the Bryant-Denny game day playlist?

I don't think it should. (And also, if I said it should be removed, one of my coworkers said our friendship would be over...but moving on).

But let's say it is removed from the playlist, just for fun. What could replace it? Maybe another classic Alabama tune – "Song of The South," maybe? Perhaps we shake things up a bit and throw in another song to get the crowd pumped up for another defensive drive for the Tide?

One thing is for sure, this discussion could go on for as long as the song remains in Bryant-Denny. So, we ask you, should "Mr. Brightside" continue to be played in BDS, or is time to remove it? Let us know!

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