This is Sadie McClendon, she is 9-years-old and will be hanging with the Wild Bill Show tonight at the Tuscaloosa Amp featuring Chris Stapleton!  Sadie performs a Stapleton Cover Song called "Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore" and she plays the guitar too!

Sadie started playing the ukulele at age 5, then picked up guitar and mandolin.  Her mom is a jazz singer, and she's always been around music.  She is just really starting to sing recently and hopes to be a respected musician rather than simply a vocalist.

Last month she performed for Jamie Johnson and Alison Krauss on his tour bus!  She loves traditional country, Bluegrass, and outlaw country. Sadie is in the fourth grade at Holy Spirit school and Wild Bill says "I'm a big fan of this young and very talented girl."

Sadie McClendon is Nashville Bound and plays all over T-town.  Sadie will be featured LIVE today at 4:30pm and 6:30pm on The Wild Bill Show on 953 The Bear!!!

Sadie McClendon, Facebook
Sadie McClendon, Facebook



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