Several years back we did a syndicated radio show with Kenny Stabler that originated from Tuscaloosa and a cluster of stations that I was running at the time. We had installed a studio from his home in Mobile and often he'd be in Tuscaloosa and broadcast from our studios. Kenny was known to be kinda tardy from time to time and I had strict instructions from corporate bosses to simply sit down and "lay down the law of expectations to Mr Stabler."

I remember meeting with him and i was dreading it i tell ya. I attempted to encourage him to be on-time, show up prepared and ready to do the radio show. He looked at me and smiled really REALLY big as only Kenny could and said something I will never forget... "I'm gonna tell you something I've told many people over the years from Coach Bryant to Coach Madden and many, many others."

(I remember him leaning forward, looking deep into my eyes and i was thinking WOW, I'm about to hear greatness from the Snake himself and he then said these words)
"I cut a wide path and thats pretty much the way it is." 😊

I sat there for a second, then laughed, shook my head and said, "Go in there and just be you sir!" The fact is, Kenny was a special breed, he was the life of every room he walked into. He's been gone 4 years and we miss him greatly!
#RIPStabler #RollTide

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