Like most football fans, I was shocked and saddened yesterday when I heard the news of former Alabama quarterback Kenny Stabler's passing.

I had the opportunity to meet the man a few years back when he came in to cut a radio commercial for a restaurant called "12 Steakhouse." Having not grown up in Tuscaloosa and around Alabama football, I knew Stabler more for his roll as the quarterback for the Raiders than I did for his roll with the Crimson Tide. I did however, understand his place and impact in the heart of Alabama fans.

He came in that day, we introduced ourselves and went to work. He and I sat across the console from each other as he prepared to lay his voice down on a 60 second commercial for the restaurant.

I remember when we started, he had trouble with the wordage of the script. He kept stumbling on a group of words and did so many times that he and I just started laughing out loud and found it hard to stop. This went on for the next fifteen or twenty minutes until he eventually made it through.

He got up from his chair, thanked me with a handshake and left the room. I never saw him in person again nor did I ever speak to him. I did however have a story to tell about that one time I met "The Snake" and cherished the meeting. We had an instant connection because not only did we love football but we were both broadcasters.

Now he's gone. I'm proud I had that few minutes to kind of get to know him. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends and this time. Roll Tide!

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