Did you know that 92% of Millennials say they listen to the radio?  Digital radio listening has increased 53% since 2007, while DMR Interactive research reports that the total smartphone audio streaming average audience is 860,000+, compared to 18 million + for AM/FM radio.

Randy Lane, a well-known radio consultant/pro says “We believe that radio will not only survive, it will thrive in the future. Radio reigns in the auto and in the workplace,”  He believes national publications often lump radio with old media, such as newspapers, which are losing ground with younger audiences.”

The fact is, Radio is the No.1 reach medium at 93% of the U.S. population weekly, including 92% of Millennials, compared to TV viewership at 89% and smart phone usage at 83%.  I will repeat all of this on the radio today so more people will hear it!  #WildBillShow #953TheBear #LocalRadio #Tuscaloosa

Wild Bill Show