Pumpkin Carving Contests are the absolute best, aren't they? It really lets the creativity in your mind shine. It's times like this during the spooky season I wish I had the artistic ability.

I always remember drawing the face, pulling out the seeds, and wondering what the orange goop on my hands was...I miss those family times when I was younger.

The reason we bring this up is UA recently held a contest of the pumpkin carving variety and the top 3 certainly brought the creativity. Time to look at all three and appreciate the style.

Coming in 3rd we have:

Photo courtesy of Bama Dining Instagram

I mean, how can you not love a Big Al Pumpkin? He's even got a little bowtie and floppy ears! Major points for that.

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But moving on, what could beat Big Al? Coming in 2nd is:

Photo courtesy of Bama Dining Instagram

All we can about this one is WOW. The detail on this is insane. It even looks close to the character, dare we say lifelike. How much time did this one take?

But how do you beat the second-place winner? It's got to be so hard to top that one. Alright, enough talk, here's the winner:

Photo courtesy of Bama Dining Instagram

This is...MAJESTIC. Paul speaks to me on an artistic and spiritual level. The little smile he has certainly breathes the aura of a winner. There is no debate here, this is was the correct call for first place.

Now if I could only get my pumpkin decorating skills up...

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