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Recently I've been out and about in Tuscaloosa, doing something that I never imagined myself doing. That task is public address announcing sports.

Believe it or not, I was a last second call to be the voice people hear describing penalties and such. My first game ever was like watching a train wreck, people couldn't look away, but we all had to get used to me trying to not sound like I hadn't seen football played before.

Also, names are really hard to pronounce when the only name you know how to say is your own. Now thankfully, the parents aren't afraid to let me know when I've messed up the name.

Or pronouncing the other academy wrong but I digress.

So right now, I'm making this job sound like a pain. But I promise this job is so much fun. It's a chance for me to get better at pronouncing every word better each time I say it, and yes I need that practice.

Sure I still make some mistakes here and there, but for the most part, Tuscaloosa Academy has absolutely wonderful to me by allowing me to come back after football and Public Address basketball as well. Funnily enough, I think I'm way better at basketball PA than I am at football.

Everybody should thank the lord above that College and NFL refs have mics, because trying to remember penalty yardage off the top of your head for football penalties is rough.

But long story short, It's an absolute joy to be the announcer for TA. Plus it's an opportunity to get rid of that excess energy that my coworkers notice I have all the time.

So for those at Tuscaloosa Academy, thank you. I hope to continue announcing for you for as long as you let me.

Go Knights!

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