He is known as the PIGGYBACK BANDIT.

35-year-old Sherwin Shayegan is behind bars in Morgan County. He was arrested after inappropriate contact with with a Falkville High student at a pep rally.

After the pep rally he jumped on a football players back. He gave the player a note and asked him not to read it until after the game according to AL.COM. And he allegedly took pictures of football players. The athlete with the note went home and told his mother. She called police. Details of the note were not revealed.

The suspect has a record of posing as a reporter to interview high school players. He reportedly asked them "Have you ever farted during a game" and "Have you ever peed in your pants during a game". The player realized the suspect was not a reporter. The suspect then jumped on the player's back asking for a piggy back ride.

He was charged with assault. Gartland.com says the suspect always targets the best athletes on high school football teams.

Shayegan remains jailed.

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