It's tuff times for many people financially, my wife is on medical leave from DCH and my other revenue stream stopped at the end of February.  We LOVE to spread GOOD NEWS in the midst of the bad....I love the Brad Paisley story, how he opened his charitable grocery store in Nashville, it's a FREE grocery store that allows people to shop year around of their basic needs.

Paisley told Westwood One, "We're growing 95 percent a week. We are three times what we planned on feeding right now at this point in our...what we thought our trajectory would be. I mean, of all the strange timing, we opened a grocery store for people who lose their jobs just before everybody is losing their jobs."

The Store operates as a year-round free grocery store that will allow people to shop for their basic needs.  Hey guess who one of his biggest funding sources is.....Peyton Manning!!!  #WildBillShow

Wild Bill Show
Wild Bill Show

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