So I'm standing in line at a store in Northport behind a lady with a buggy load of soda, chips, steaks, and flowers. She is told nicely by the hard working cashier "i'm sorry you can't use EBT card for the flowers" and the lady went crazy screaming "My sister is sick and she deserves somth brighten her day this is such %$#^@#!" She turns to the man behind her, in front of me and says "I'm 50% disabled and I just wanting nice like some flowers!" The man simply says, "50% disabled where i come from means you can maybe work half a day" and i nodded my head in agreement. 

You should have seen this lady stomping and cussing so loud and so mad out to her car. I noticed as she stomped, she had parked in a handicap parking space as she then tossed 3 liter soda bottles into the trunk of her vehicle. I noticed her vehicle, was much newer than my 2005 Ford truck.

As i was leaving i noticed she left a shopping cart blocking part of the handicap parking space. A store employee then came out and collected the cart.

The story ends here, because I had to get back to work at my 2nd job to pay for all her free steak and soda. Honestly, I do hope her sister gets to feeling better.  



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