This is alarming for those of us that love beef.

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In particular, I love it rare.

I believe when you overcook it you lose all the flavor of the meat.

I'm already scarred for life after the strawberry videos hit social media. OH, you haven't heard? Get ready, I will show you some of these videos below.

However, with this new meat study, I'm not so sure about enjoying it rare any longer.

Researchers studied a variety of meat products from chicken to turkey to beef and pork.

All samples came from supermarkets of all kinds and were chosen completely at random, according to Times Now.

According to Times Now, the meat samples (40%) tested positive for multi-drug resistant E. coli.

Photo by Cindie Hansen on Unsplash
Photo by Cindie Hansen on Unsplash

I don't know that I want any E. coli in my meat, and it doesn't matter if it is within "safety limits".

According to Times Now, turkey had the highest percentage of samples that were positive for E. coli.

Chicken was second, beef was third and pork had the lowest percentage of samples that tested positive.

The other disturbing note?

The meat and the multi-drug resistant E. coli.

This type of bacteria can spread from animals to humans through the food chain, according to Times Now.

The scariest thing is how much the experts are seeing a strong resistance to multiple antibiotics.

Some of that is due to the frequent usage of antibiotics for every ailment.

Most experts agree that even though this study was done abroad, it could be much higher here in the USA.

Will it stop me from enjoying a delicious bacon cheeseburger?

Not likely, but it will be in the back of my mind just like those videos about strawberries.


@everettkatz13 Holy shit. A prehistoric bug emerged from my strawberries. #strawberrybugs#fyp#foryoupage#trend♬ original sound - Everett
*Video from everettkatz13/tiktok
This one is even more disturbing and please note the language might offend some:

@itsmyrayeraye Ewwwww it works!!! I’ll never look at strawberries the same again! #fyp#strawberrybugs#strawberrieswithbugs♬ original sound - Everett
*Video from itsmyrayeraye/tiktok

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