I had a recent personal experience that i have to share with you. My mom and pop passed away at the beginning of this year. They had been married 62 years and passed within 30 days of each other. I am an only child and miss them terribly.  I do know they are in a much better place. A strong Christian faith
was a foundation for my family.

Every time I would visit my mom and pop in Phenix City, Alabama I would always call them when i passed the Phenix City Walmart and say “I’m almost there”. My mama would always answer the phone with “It’s yo mama”.  Our little tradition every time i visited.

The first time i went back to Phenix City knowing mom and pop were not there waiting for me was hard for me. I was filled with anxiety. I had prayed for a sign from my folks & the good Lord. A sign that I was handling their personal business and coping the way they had hoped I would.

What happened to me when I passed that Phenix City Walmart is something I will never forget.
It was a WOW moment!

Please listen to the rest of the story I shared on my 953 Bear morning show. LISTEN HERE.

Glory to God!

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