We’re looking for the best restaurant in the Tuscaloosa area, so cast your vote and get in on the Munch Madness fun!

Today we’re voting for ROUND ONE of the Houndstooth Region; here’s the lineup:

Cast your vote in the polls below. Voting is open for 24 hours -- from noon on Wednesday, March 13 until noon Thursday, March 14. Voting is also unlimited until polls close tomorrow, so cast as many as your heart desires!

Check back tomorrow to see who advances to Round Two, who's knocked out and to cast your votes in the White Region!


Editor's note: The visual formatting of the polls for this round of voting may differ slightly from what was featured in the Crimson Region, but the changes are cosmetic only. You are still able to vote as many times as you want.

Editor's note 2: Voting has been extended for 24 hours because of widespread problems on Facebook and other social media platforms Wednesday afternoon.

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