I love sharing stories of hope, encouragement and inspiration on the Wild Bill Radio Show and today's story is about a young lady name Kristi Franklin of Tuscaloosa.  Kristi has recently overcome a harsh drug addiction and currently lives at a "halfway house" in Florida, in a sober living environment.

On Facebook, Kristi says, "I stayed in a CONSTANT high with Coke and Heroin that I was using not only because of the physical addiction but the mental addiction as well, I was just trying to escape my problems."  In February, Kristi moved to Florida, tired of chasing the next fix, and today has a new Godly outlook on life.  "If you want to know how I know my God is real, just look at me," says the brave Kristi Franklin. 

Today she wishes to give others hope and encouragement to simply find help. "Please don't be ashamed to reach out in order to get sober.  So many people are out there to help someone struggling including me."  Kristi believes, it's never too late to make a change and says family and friends have welcomed her back with open arms.

I asked her whats the best reward of your recent life change and she replied, "Waking up each morning being happy and not having to chase after my next fix.  My family, my daughter, my friends are back in my life and are very accepting of my NEW LIFE!"

See more of Kristi's Story of hope and encouragement on her Facebook page.  It's never too late to get help and as Kristi says, "Don't be ashamed to ask for help!"

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